Baby Diary

Life saver for new parents


Get into a new Life-with-Baby routine!

Track the vital information you need to get into a feeding, sleeping, eating, and living routine with your new baby.


Why you need this book

  • Track questions, concerns, sleep patterns, feedings, so you can discuss them with your pediatrician
  • All the important information in one easy-to-use place
  • Convenient size you can take anywhere – bedside table, diaper bag, purse, you name it
  • Big spiral binding makes it easy to flip open with one hand, while your other hand is holding your baby
  • A little bit of organization in your new crazy parenting world


Parents are raving:

  • “[Baby Diary] has been such a help for me in keeping a schedule and gaining the confidence of breastfeeding, naps, etc. I must have been crazy to think I could have kept track of all this in my mind…”
  • “…it’s really nice having everything in one place to keep organized and up-to-date.”
  • “…my boy was seemingly ALWAYS hungry, but thanks to the [Baby Diary] I knew that he was, unfortunately, due for yet another feeding. He wasn’t trying to torture me!”


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